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Regulate (Royal Flush)

It was a hot day, fuckin wit shorty round way Diamond reflected off the white, clear E&J all day The ennesex pull out the driveway Feelin like Scarface, desperado on the case Niggas an ace, celebrate livin it great Into your mind state, a lock front, but Flush straight Over wound ya faith, hold it down across state You know, fitted hat, Tommy shorts to match Lay back, executioner of rap, that bring stat Face the phat, tattoo on my arm, and pack gat Never mind that, quick reflexes, I bust back Party back to back, New York, where it's at Hold up stop for a second, bring it back cousin Let's have a good time, cipher wit the Dutch combine Respect mine, that's why you live the deaf, dumb and the blind Bottom line, let's all shine, can't be mad at what's mine It took a lot to get these props, three shots and almost got rocked My hustle on the roof top, the watch cop, and I'm gettin crazy cheddar Drivin rose, Bentleys and better The street contemplate the terror, the rhymes sever And overdose speak broadcastin niggas leakin Probably thinkin, I'm just a wise nigga drinkin Whatever you do, you gotta get ya shit straight No time to wait, make money and regulate (2x) While on the mailbox, sit and steamin Peep the demon, techs were schemin, seen it in they eyes gleamin Sorta like the shine, 'cept the thoughts son divine Run wild inside they minds, maybe had somebody by me My body wit lacerations, cuts, abrasions Wounds I couldn't slide, from when the bullets started blazin Awaken from concentration, started to skate My heart rate, amagortex wit no brakes Jump the gate, hit the ground on my side, but no pain Turn around and find her comin like a runaway freight train And play you, I see blues and cars are too Choose or lose, ain't no option in my everyday news Grab the heat and slide, maybe jump up in the ride Now my nigga Flush, he like lamped on the side Strictly sorta Cajun, relax, mind lacin Line cooperation, now to start activation Ill collaboration, from a team now you facin We break nation, flew back style afflatus I only roll daily, wit the God burst heatin Chill, a mass mill, lay back, leave it dubblin Money for bubblin, from 95 thru recoverin My crew smotherin, carry Benjamin's and jugglin Whatever you do, you gotta get ya shit straight No time to wait, make money and regulate (4x)