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Waiting For Something (Lane Asher )

Another ordinary day Everyting still feels the same Nothing ever seems to change Why are we living in regret For things undone and words unsaid We think the best is yet to come While they say 'embrace the moment' and they say 'seize the day' For all our lives we've borrowed time While we're waiting for something And all our lives we can't rewind Still we're waiting for something 24/7 to 5 Is the biggest of your lies Do I have to compromisse? It's just substitute for life You're born you work and then you die you distraction is desire Still they say 'embrace the moment' And they say 'seize the day' For all your life you've borrowed life While you're waiting for something Cause all your life you cam't rewind Still you're waiting for something Feel life is change It's not too late To look for the lost things No, never fade It's not too late You're more than you might think