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Marvelous (Walter Hawkins)

soloist: I will sing your praise for you've done such a Marvelous thing. for someone so wretched. yet my soul you have redeemed no one else could do it. no one could care half as much. Yet you thought my soul was worth it. So you gave. Your only son. Chorus you gave that i might live. you gave that i might be set free. exchanged your life for mine. What a Marvelous thing you've done. Trio: Some folks see my faults. Lord you see my accomplishments. Even the good work you have begun in me. Soloist: you also see my finish. No not half done. every battle already won. i can't help but praise you lord. for the marvelous things you've done. chorus 2 times What a wonderful thing what a glorious thing what a marvelous things it's marvelous Marvelous Marvelous So Marvelous ( repeat 3 times) YES! it's Marvelous Oh! so Marvelous ( repeat 5) What a WOnderful thing What a glorius thing What a Marvelous thing. You've done