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America (Essex David)

Flew out of London for the New York City Ooh, look out boys a 'cause it looks so pretty I'm in America, America-ca-ca, ahaha Saw this nice man he came collect me from Kennedy I said to DP is it New York City He said America, America-ca-ca, aha We're in America, America-ca-ca, ahaha Well I really didn't wanna go there But the man said (you gotta go) Said I really didn't wanna go there 'Till I hit San Francisco Well I landed in the desert in Phoenix Drove out to K.U.P.D. Say I landed in the desert in Phoenix With the sun shinin' down on me (Hey now you know you're in) America, America-ca-ca, ahaha Watch out! America, black cadillac car We're in America, America-ca-ca, ahuha Uh Americaaaaaaaaahh Americaaaaaaaaahh Americaaaaaaaaahh Black cadillac car America Americaaaaaaaaahh ...