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Freakshow (The Swan Bride)

captured by a strange circus parade madhouse. only one way to escape countless rounds of the same reprise i’m taking part in the march of freaks freakshow in crowded streets & city halls freakshow in traffic jams & shopping malls freakshow. museums are all about freakshow once you’re in there’s no way out it won’t let me speak, it won’t let me breathe yeah, i’m a freak six feet under or the trial on your mind what’s the difference mr k.? she’s always walking by your side lady shady, her eternal smile freakshow, once you’re in there’s no way out freakshow in rock’n’roll & mirror balls freakshow on the eastern side of the berlin wall freakshow. it’s turning people inside out freakshow. once you’re in there’s no way out they won’t let me speak, they won’t let me breathe (i’m a freak)