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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Phantom Psychosis (The Swan Bride)

blind eyes and the most naive lies that you’ll give me an eternal bliss I’m close to overdose of your placebo pills a disease you try to heal does not exist, why don’t you believe that the last dance of innocence is over for me ? I’m sorry to say that I’m not what you expect standing here, I’ve got nothing to hide from now on you won’t see me around in this place where we don’t belong I’m off to where the music’s born riding on this rock’n’roll wave…wow blind eyes, the most cruel lies you only care for your own bliss now I am overdosed of your placebo pills but still no light or fireworks, it’s only in your head the ring of innocence is closed for us till the end I’m sorry to say that I’m not what you expect