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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Bad Habit (Deals Death)

Leave me alone I don’t want your offer. Go take care of someone else. Preach your salvation to the young. A strange behavior I need what is wanted a lifetime of hunger. I can’t get out I am stuck. Take what you need, I surrender I’m beaten, a first class victory. Just take my hand and give me peace. As morning comes, the urge is to strong my life is forgotten. Truth or dare? I want none. The sigs of destruction is near, a feeling of wanting. The rescue is all in your head. Try to forget. Chorus Smoke, Its powers consume you. A worst case scenario is formed by the heat. It’s almost complete, just sit back and watch how you suffer defeat. What to say I’m down in the gutter, I’ve fallen way behind. The genius head does not comply. A lonely pleasure, a way to release all the shit that has filled me. I’m off to get another round. Chorus Smoke, Its powers…