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Concrete Conflict (Deals Death)

A trial by fire, I want to fly higher to smell the burning smoke. I drift towards freedom, a dream to believe in, I am the first in line. Hatred, the feeling is fresh. I feast upon your burning flesh. Touch me and I`ll rip you apart, slaughter your soul and fucking eat your heart. A tale of thousand lies is told as lightning hits me in the head. I load my guns and fall in line. I prepare myself for... Chorus War, a time to feast. A humble request makes me bleed like the rivers flow. Friends in need. I wait as the days all go on as it’s all too… …late to remember how it all once was. How we were fighting for a different cause. All that is left is now a rotting land. A fallen dream as I get dirt on my hand. I can’t help but thinking there’s a problem to solve. A solution that will greet us all. Come take a stand as you follow my trail. All in despair shall know that we are Deals Death. Hatred, the feeling’s still pure. Grab an axe it’s time to secure. Open a hatch and throw a bomb inside. Oh, later you can cry about all who died. Wishful thinking, it’s hard to stop drinking, a leash to cut in half. Now think of what you’ve done. Established world peace and killed everyone. A tale of thousand lies… Chorus War, a time to feast…