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Woman Like That, Yeah (Tex Joe)

Man give a woman plenty of lovin' Woman like that, yeah Man give a woman plenty of lovin' Woman like that, yeah And when man seen woman cry Man go to her and dry her eye Man show a woman that he cares And the woman gonna be right there, yeah But a man keep a woman long Man looks around and woman be gone Woah oh oh, man be all alone, oh yeah Man tell a woman she look fine, oh shucks Woman like that, yeah Man take woman out sometime, huh Woman like that, yeah Then when man has to go away Man woman won't go astray Man can leave with a satisfied mind That his woman gonna toe the line-ine-ine But if man don't take woman out He's gonna have a lot to worry about Woah oh oh, some other man will take her out Yes he will, huh Oh-oh Man kiss woman sweet and slow Woman like that, yeah Man that makes woman love grow Woman like that, yeah And if you love her let her know You'd be surprised how far that goes Man make a woman feel secure Woman will stick by him for sure, yeah But man act like he don't care It's for sure he won't get no where Woah oh oh, woman will leave him sittin' right there Ha ha, oh yes she will Woman like that, yeah Put your arms around her and hold her Oh shucks, woman like that, yeah Tell her she look fine, oh yeah [FADE]