Broken Cityscapes (Grizol Nana)

Pushing forward, highway miles are cheaper than in town If you left something behind we'll try your best not to let it get you down The city's full of bullshit, I don't sleep there anymore I don't want it's schmoozy eagerness, I don't want to be it's whore But we, we are so awestruck by the way that things just are Like the way the sun shines 'till it's night time We fall asleep to the sound of passing cars It's that sinking sunken feeling That you get on the roofs of tall buildings Staring out over the bay or broken cityscapes that make you cry And it's not sad you just don't know how to begin to ask why Just a few more cigarettes and I'll come back inside And do you ever get the feeling Something somewhere in you is still alive And saying "Oh and it's a big life, as big as it can be And if you cannot see the beauty well don't give up so easily And it's a weak-kneed conversation telling your new revelation To a choir of a more cynical nature "Being your ego and your I'd The part that swears to you you'll never want kids The part that drinks away each night And in the morning wakes at ten and goes to work So let's not be so bitter at least not just yet I keep meaning to say everything's ok Well how presumptuous is that? And sure we all get hurt sometimes And sure we all feel ashamed But if our friends can't help us through these things I don't know what friendship means And I don't know just what it is I'm trying to say