For Things That Haven't Come Yet (Grizol Nana)

I saw the best minds of my generation Passed out in their prime Cuz we were waiting for a suitable time for waking up I must have looked in your eyes About two thousand times But I never saw a sign No nothing to say, this was a time for giving up And if somehow you still believe in love try not to let it hurt so bad Don't you know that you always Had everything that you need If there's something in the stars above the sights Our sentiments, and masses of gasses I would swear, it still wouldn't have drawn itself to me But why should it? I had a dream about parking lots, And shopping malls, and lines The only words anyone could muster Were just lies, and lies, and lies, And am I ashamed, am I ashamed To engage in these infantile notions of pain When we wake up it's always the same Though I hope everything is okay I took a walk in your shoes You know that I got the blues Thinking bout how there's this wall They made climbers of us all Till we eventually fall and So you talk about your ideals Like they're not how you feel Like they're a dream you hold inside An old plan left unrealized until the day that it died Well if you're waiting on the world to change Don't waste you precious heart Oh, I know that you are too Smart to think that it will That sure is one way to live But one day something has got to live And if you're not ready Well you're sure to fancy yourself, oh so still So don't try so hard For things that haven't come yet Don't live your life like it's already gone Don't listen to the closed set It's nobody, just trying to make them self feel better with a song