Sands (Grizol Nana)

Sleep in some Safe song to hum Dreams we've spun and Will run from The heavy head That goes to bed Wishing for some New day to come and is a High load of the beating of your memories That in their light make your days bright and dark Said in my pockets there is sand Oh, from many different lands I long only for the one that's marked with stars Cuz my home it holds my bed, my head, my heart Spent ten days searching for some sunset Search for sunset, yeah you search for so long Drenched in darkness are you so full of pride now Cuz you saw what you were seeking, now the sunset is gone But the sun will rise a thousand times and Will you still be so surprised to say For every sun that is somewhere setting There is one that is somewhere set to rise Every pretty thing you find yourself forgetting There's a million nasty moments set to widen your eyes So I know it's best to hold my tongue Not trapped myself in time Till you come home and Listen to the ones you cannot remember Sing as loud as the ones you can't forget These autumn days lead to another December Furnished with a feeling that you haven't shaken yet And on and on What went wrong? Sing yourself a story to the same old song, yeah, well It's the lighthouse where I said I'd always love you In the end, where I never knew your name In our lifetimes there's so many things we could do so I wish we wouldn't spend them polishing our own pain And you sang a song for time Give me the one that's right for spying and To the ones as they go past you To the ones that you will one day leave behind Speak kindly to the ones who never found the words to ask you, though A million years could pass and they would never seem to mind And I refuse to believe it was out of how you needed to say Give your heart to everything that you could find Try yourself, you try instead of everything you think, you said Everything that matters is sure to take time Appears some face We'll find it's place Give it time and Give it space Give it a name It'll come if you call it Give it shape Even if that's how you recalled