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Voices Echo Down Thee Halls (Grizol Nana)

Voices echo down the halls And we're leaning against walls How long do you suppose 'till this one falls? We could just stand right here with a smile That'll only entertain us for a short while And were you seriously waiting for this call? Remember when I said I had to get away? I was just looking for something to say Hope that explains why I could not stay And I remember when you said you had to get away Well I sure hope that you do someday That is if it gets boring here anyway And why is everything like that some kind of creep When that's the same stuff under your feet That connects where your standing to a place you'd rather be I left home being quite discrete That I could use someone in the passenger seat But none would I expect to follow me Party all night, nervous tic Try out new accents maybe one will stick Crack knuckles and put yourself to bed Sleep through the morning, deafly turn off alarms Hey, it's the summer Hey, it's no harm And why wait to get enough sleep 'til your dead Eleven hour drive Midwest again Same mixtape nine times, maybe ten Entertaining thoughts that's like a legacy May never end, oh Until the new one does begin And will you break or will you bend I hope you make a few new friends