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Cock Rock (Avenue D)

If Iím a bastard and youíre a bitch then I guess this makes perfect sense / thatís the first in a long line of complements / are you dense / are you dumb / donít you know where Iím from / hadnít you seen how durty we be in the south / canít you hear it from my mouth / canít you see it in my eyes / bitch youíre bout to feel it in your thighs Lemme get a taste / what you waitiní for / bass and loads of boast / the moves thunderiní the cure/ christoper columbussiní when I explore / a little more down durty on the floor / for sure / I got a little more In store / from front to back your money and Iím poor / no words can afford these birds / so Iím standoffish / grab my dick and coughish / Iím running for office / president of getting complements / and vp of flattery canít be mad at me / just plug in / inject / gets some juice for the caboose / sweats the use / beat it up it ainít abuse / letís just call it a truce / between big dick and that fanny thick / you sound sick / maybe you need to take some ho ho tussiní/ medicine for your face and throat / now stop fussin / I ainít cussiní cuzzin / Iím just a durty doctor / and I prescribe that we ride / youíll get yours in the end now bend / show me the rearend / letís blend so sorry if I lied itís not the first time I been inside How much cock do ya got? -Girl Iím dying to supplying some shake in your world How much cock do ya got? -Girl, I'm trying to be spying some taste with you girl How much cock do ya got? -You gonna go dirty south if you have to find out How much cock do ya got? -if there's any question left, I'm going to put it in your mouth How much cock do ya got? Do you think itís enough to keep me well fed? Pick me up from behind throw me over your head? Can your peep keep up with the Dirty D? Can you peep even handle a bitch like me? How much cock do ya got? So thick that it hurts and I got a couple tricks ridiní up my skirt. Why donít you come and get ëem Lick your fingers and wet ëem Show my body a party that I wonít be forgettiní Bring it on! Let me see your dong Iíll have you up against the wall like the gravitron Címon Don Juan, whatís going on? Are you ready for the Debbie D marathon? How much rock do ya got? -Inside me so much itís thumpiní and I want you to pump it -So much in my little finger, Iíll take over your pinga -Once you open my door, youíll be begginí for more -You better watch out, cuz youíre about to find out! Come come aíknockiní the stage is rockiní But only if your cock is drip drip droppiní Get it up hold it steady by my mouth, like a mic Licky licky are you ready? Bend me over, take a bite. Bite through my tights. Come pick a fight. Headbang me baby and donít do it right. If youíre 16, I might mosh with you and if you hurt me right, Iím gonna suck it too. Sock it to me, you know you wanna do me, but first you gotta shake me if you wanna be my baby Baby baby, hold up not yet, you know thereís still something that I just gotta check Do you got enough cock for two? Cuz you know Iíll be bringing all my rock for you. How much rock do ya got? -the rhythm of teasiní will be pleasiní you -get on your knees, see what I can do -hey hey hey wanna play my game? -make you shake out your jism in the shape of my name