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Do I look like a slut? (Avenue D)

Do I look like a slut? Uh-huh. Shut up. You know, I don't understand why everyone keeps calling us sluts. Me neither, I'm a good girl. Yeah, me too. Hell, I just went to church the other day. Here's a story about the boys of the alter. Some of them got between me and my halter. But I don't think the Good Lord would mind, I was calling his name the whole time. Sometimes I get a little drunk, and I go home with some crazy punks. But don't judge me by what I do, 'cause baby you know you want to hit it too. Shit, you know they all want to hit it. Yeah, they're just talkin' shit 'cause they want it. You know, maybe it's these outfits we wear, I mean, I can see your boobies. Shit my stylist is on a budget, he's just trying to save some fabric. It really doesn't matter, I'm just gonna end up taking it off anyway. So what if I'm a little nudie? It don't mean you're gonna get some booty, Baby I just want to shake it, it took mama nine months to make it. My daisy dukes they fit just right, they squeeze my coochie really tight. So that when I shake and dance, there's a party in my pants. Shit, I like your daisy dukes, I think they're real classy. Do I look like a slut? Is it the way I move my butt? Is it the way my clothes are cut? I like to do it, and what? Do I look like a slut? Is it the way I move my butt? Is it how my clothes are cut? I don't give a fuck. I saw Mikey on the street yesterday, and do you know what he called me? What? He called me a slut. No. Yeah. Honey, don't worry, he's just a fag anyway. I'm not a fuckin' slut you fucking cock sucker, your mom's the one letting everyone fuck her. Everyone knows she's a fuckin' ho, sucks dick on the corner for a little blow. Just because I like to freak each and every night of the week, don't mean I can't resist temptation, hell I don't give a damn about my reputation. Shit, you know I'm grade A, top joint, speed baby. This is one classy ass. I can't believe she'd get off talkin' shit like that. I mean she's one to talk. At least we don't let just anyone stick it in. what a fucking slut. Slut!