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Downtown (Avenue D)

We can do it we can do it tonight Got your feet planted, but youíre moving alright Downtown drums playiní loud despite All the fucked up shit that we heard tonight Scream and shout out loud tonight You got feet on the ground but your head is upright Scrub the ground downtown tonight We goiní downtown make your body feel alright We can do it we can do it tonight, I can take it we can make it I can make you feel right Just let me slip, slip into something tight And we can boom boom boom like dynamite I can do it I can do it tonight I can show you where to go to make you feel right Címon baby be impolite, ëcuz you know it makes me crazy when you take a bite whatcha doiní whatcha doiní tonight? -I donít know, whatchew doiní tonight? Iím going to a party, to party downtown, shake my ass faster than west coast clowns -Itís a slap back, itís a rap attack, the foam be where the partyís at Itís gonna be wet -Well then itís gonna be wild You better be careful, we donít need another child -Iíll be there in 10 w/some bbq eel, Iíll pick your ass up in da pumpstamobile Pick me up, take me down, I want to go out, and I want to get around -I said, cool baby, and doo doo brown what goes up, must come down Iím down. Are you down? Your mamma goes ñDowntown! Get a rub ñDowntown! Keep It bumping ñDowntown! Sell me something ñDowntown! Dance a ho ñDowntown! Take a ride ñDowntown! Shout it out ñDowntown! Waiting for you ñDowntown! Never close ñDowntown! Always go ñDowntown! Bring it on ñDowntown! Hippies go ñDowntown! Be seen ñDowntown! Party on ñDowntown! Pull your panties ñDowntown! Up and up and ñDowntown!