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The Sex That I Need (Avenue D)

The latin explosion ain't new to me I've been into foreskin since puberty I want an uncut latino with a libido the size of reno, nevada to bang me 'till my bladder splatters a dick fatter than a beer can, lay down, stand, or in the back of his van, he sports tommy, addidas, fubu, timberland, pinky ring on his hand, his wish is my command I'll suck his dick on the can or on the puerto rican sand, that's my man with the nice clean fade and when he gets paid, I get paid, and when I get laid, I'm glad he stayed cuz there's nothin' I like more than foreskin, I drop my chin so I can fit it all in and then he eats my ass like he eats rice and beans, until the plate's clean, you know what I mean? Yes I do, just the other day I got a blowjob from a ho job with no job seen him at the bar battin' his eyelashes show me where your cash is, I'll show where my stage is, his ass is on my bed the head board hit his head 'till his head turned red in and out was the motion KY was the lotion and that's the way it goes, girl when you fuck until your toes curl I rocked his world with mad stamina hot like panama shot like an enema I'm sending your ass back to the store to get some rubbers, so I can change the covers This is the kind of man that I want This is the kind of sex that I need Well it won't be long before he takes off my thong, (but it wasn't a thong until you put it on) shut the fuck up! I'm the one getting laid here he's back from the bodega with a case of beer and a bag of weed, so I'm on my knees pulling out the seeds he wants to squeeze my 34Bs someone pass the poppers and a bottle of lube before he bangs me from the back with his rough rider attitude the routine, we fuck on the rug so the sheets stay clean, damn, my man is heaven sent he got me horny like the ex-president just thinking of my man's big dick in my face and then he comes in my face and then runs out of the place, I don't care, he'll be back cuz he loves this ass and when he's done his friends'll be over fast, you got a problem with me? you should get your ass off of avenue D See you like the type of guy that works at the pizza place, sweat on his face moustache above his lips open shirt, gold chain, and a cruxifix, I like the type of guy that's the east vil style, chill for a while if he's versatile but the bottom direction give me his ass and give me affection did I happen to mention (no I don't think you did) well I like to keep my man in the 718 cuz I'm in 212 and got things to do (like what?) like whatever wanna leave this with no shame behind me, but all I see is his name on my caller ID which reminds me of the time we took three ecstacy you know one thing leads to another I see him on the weekends (what about the weekdays?) that's when I'm busy messin' with his brother This is the kind of man that I want This is the kind of sex that I need