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Put The City To The Sword (Here I Come Falling)

We'll strike this city down This place is painted with murder Sway, sway my darling, sway Let's dance dance tonight It,s been so long Since I've seen the sun rise up over me I hear the sirens all around This is an emergency This city's filled with ghosts And these streets won't lead you home So keep dancing sweetheart Know my love won't lead you home The sky is calling out my name But I don't know if these wings will hold Our weary eyes failed From towers as we watched And the world crumbles In Your bleeding hands This could be the death of me This place is painted with our murder Swing down sweet chariot, oh Oh Lord, take me home We'll fill the air with songs of praise And make it back here someday I'll scream your name out as we leave Please save this ship Lord save this ship from sinking