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There's A Lion On The Loose (Here I Come Falling)

I was sitting on the right hand of a King Too glorious for words We watched you in the pouring rain Hands pressed against your face And I felt the wings brush against my side Oh, I'm just another passerby to you Oh, and you don't hear me screaming out your name You can't hear me scream Static fills the air I breathe The radio keeps whispering Change the station love Cause this is nothing you'll want to hear Oh, your fate's becoming all too real right now I'll watch you as your lungs collapse And scream my name with your last breath But I can't hear you Static drowns your voice out Don't forget to breathe Stop pretending your world is spinning, still spinning There's a glaze in your stare Has no one been listening? He said we'll look like angels Stop pretending your world's still spinning Oh, he said we'll look like angels Oh, he said "let Me in."