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One Short Day (Wicked)

ELPHABA: (spoken) Come with me. To the Emerald City. TOURISTS: One short day In the Emerald City GLINDA: (spoken) Oh, I've always wanted to see the Emerald City! TOURISTS: One short day In the Emerald City One short day: In the Emerald City One short day Full of so much to do Ev'ry way That you look in the city There's something exquisite You'll want to visit Before the day's through ELPHABA: There are buildings as tall as Quoxwood trees! GLINDA: Dress salons! ELPHABA: Libraries! GLINDA: Palaces! ELPHABA: Museums! BOTH: A hundred strong There are wonders like I've never seen GLINDA: It's all grand ELPHABA: It is all green! BOTH: And I think we've found the place where we belong! I wanna be In this hoi polloi ELPHABA: So I'll be back for good someday BOTH: To make my life and make my way But for today, we'll wander and enjoy: ALL: One short day In the Emerald City One short day To have a lifetime of fun One short day BOTH: And we're warning the city Now that we're in here You'll know we've been here ALL Before we are done! GLINDA: (spoken) Elphie - come on - we'll be late for Wizomania! WIZOMANIA CHORUS: Who's the mage Whose major itinerary Is making all Oz merrier? Who's the sage Who's sagely sailed in to save our posteriors? Whose enthuse for hot air ballooning Has all of Oz honeymooning? Woo - oo -oo Wizn't he wonderful? (Our wonderful Wizard!) AUDIENCE WIZOMANIA CHORUS One short day Who's the mage In the Emerald City Whose major itinerary One short day Is making all Oz merrier To have a lifetime Whose the sage who Of fun Sagely sailed in to save What a way Our posteriors To be seeing the city: ELPHABA AND GLINDA Where so many roam to We'll call it home, too And then, just like now We can say: We're just two friends ELPHABA Two good friends GLINDA Two best friends TOURISTS Sharing one wonderful One short... GUARD (spoken) The Wizard will see you now! ALL: Day!