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Something Bad (Wicked)

Dr.Dillamond: (spoken) Oh miss Elphaba, the things one hears these days. Dreadful things! (sung) I've heard of an ox a professor from Crox no longer permitted to teach who has lost all powers of speech. And an owl in Munchkin loch a vicar with a thriving flock forbidden to preach how he only can screech. Only rumours but still enough to get pause from anyone with paws something bad is happening is oz Elphaba: Something bad happening in Oz Dr Dillamond: Under the surface, behind the scenes something baaaad (spoken) oh I'm sorry - bad Elphaba:(spoken) Dr Dillamond If something bad is happening to the animals someone has to tell the wizard, that's why we have a wizard (sung) so nothing bad Dr Dillamond: (spoken) I hope your right Both: (sung) Nothing all that bad Dr Dillamond: (sung) Nothing truly baaaad (spoken) sorry bad Elphaba: (sung) It couldn't happen here in Oz