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Eternal Pain (Fastkill)

Death of emotion, birth of decay Fear of the future, hope in the past Mortal choice, burden of life Asking myself; am I to die? Maliciously tortured, ripped to shreds, Innocent victims Killed by death! Frenzied thrashings, drenched in blood, Fleeting screams, You've succumbed! Death, aggression, terror from below Rotting corpse, slowly rotting away Fatality diseased, a victim of rancid decay The fuse of life growing shorter Started my games, you're lost without your miracle Your life will end, unable to see sunrise Remember your will before you come to this place I'm here to cage your soul and make you learn yo obey You'll adapt to a new existence and never return Nothing is left for you now One and only, eternal pain! I am here for the dead! I will kill for my cause! I am not of this earth! Humans are easy prey, eternal pain of slavery!