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Feel The Hatred (Fastkill)

Awaiting a messiah to save me from insanity I see through the eyes, torture with brutality Infernal darkness and pestilence, mutilation has begun Evil strikes with storming pain, bringer of death Immates in holocaust. method of annihilation Next god's sacrifice in the name of evil Eternal morbid circle you don't realize Senseless violence all around, a lesson in hates People must die, destruction to all, Embedding the terror, die in despair Feel the hatreed, built up in me by your wishing hell Feel the hatreed, in my veins the horror Feel the hatreed, bestial force and lust Feel the hatreed, possessed by eternal hate Agony brings misery Immortal beings left to die Tortured into confession The sorrow of this internal pain Prince of darkness, ruler of hell stands in front of me Evil thoughts run through my brain all signs point to my way You feel, that you'll go insane but still you have to meet With death, in flames, tomorrow you're dead Evil minds, bring evil ways, horror is the price you pay Immolation of the masses blinded eyes asking why Contamination seeds the ground, death and mortis depriving life Life, death, or eternity, paranoia is no answer