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Kill For Pleasure (Fastkill)

The filthy sound of death and pain Brings the pleasure that I need The rotting hides, rotting flesh Innocent victims cry out in pain Bloody corpses make me feel great Ripping out your eyes, tearing off your face All feeling's gone, nothing to say or do Smell of death lurks around the place Now you believe, your better off dead But blood... an evil seed Orgasmic pleasure, ready for anything No direction got nowhere to go... Kill for pleasure Stop praying there's no saving Slit your throat drink your blood You feel your body start to sweat The pleasure of watching you die You turn around, run and run again It's the only thing to do Ritual hunt every night Half eaten carcass stained red I have a deal with Satan, contract signed in hell Painful death's the bloody cost, Must you die!! Say your prayers to God everyday and you all will burn in hell The lies they tell you won't come true and in the end you simply die! Satan comes to see that no one's saved By my lord my god, master Lucifer There is no life or birth When the undead walk the Earth Evil, Abuse, Violent torment Black as the night he begins his fight Glowing eye, he wears no disguise Leaving black Earth in decay