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Champion (Jacki-O)

Daum this must be the remix, remix, remix, remix Goin to town, Drum major, Jacki-O, T double D I am the champion King ding-a-ling Say my name for the dick I sling Go on head bitch do yo thang and Remember this ho you my bitch You stuck forever I fuck whatever And fuck whoever you better not never Pimp shit and that's all I know Go on and run ya mouth you ol' no good ho Nigga I'm from down south I'll suck ya dick (ok) And I'll spit it in ya mouth Nigga's like you be closet freaks Nigga's sell pussy and you beg me to skeet You a freak I'm gone pee on it Get off the chains Tie you up and and spank ya You got a dick like a four year old (awl) I understand why you fuck with dildo's Hoe I'm sick of yo shit Gone run ya mouth Come suck this dick Bitch I know all about cha pash Ya like it ruff and tough And then straite up ya ass Bitch you bad, I can't lie about that Be good to what you do and you do lick ass and tattoo You go both ways O yeah too How many nuts I gotta bust in ya face Befor you shut up Type of nigga that like they whole head wet up I drive ya six I that shit Spend all you end and you talk that shit Suck me, fuck me throw me some doe All that shit you talk don't faze a hoe I like me head slow Make it happen Pop a pill cause a bitch make it snappen Keep doing what you doing bitch Keep doing what you doing slut Keep doing what you doing Keep suckin fuckin and screwin bitch Hoes these day Go threeway Prefer to have sex with a bisexual Trisexual habitual sex affenda love that dick up in ya Bitch I bet you love to fuck three nigga's Bitch I bet you love that feelin' I Bet you eat dick for dinner Bet cha wash I down with cum save some for 'morrows So speed it up when you eat it up I like mines sloppy jollpy Bitch I ain't boo ya pretty proppa Bitch I'm a thug we can fuck on the carpet If I suck ya dick it a cum fast Cuz I'mma stick my thumb in ya ass See pussy make cash And cash make proda And excada and porsh boxers Off them boxer put on a thong Tripple X nigga tripple yo X nigga Jacki-O like it hard and rough See you playin with this pusy And nigga you gotta fuck me Shit I got pussy like sunshine Proda twa and the head game on lock Climb on the wall Tear off my draws and we can fuck like dogs Keep doing what your doing bitch Keep doing what your doing slut Keep doing what your doing Keep sucking and fuckin and screwin bitch 2 is always better than 1!