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Lord Speak (Jacki-O)

See how the fuck I'm with the streets since I was thirteen when my ol' boy died that was the worst Thing. now I'm hurting cause there's no guidance now I'm trusting niggas even though I know they lying. Never graduated shit I guess I wasn't trying too busy tryna whip a nigga out of what they buying. But the teachers don't like me momma can't you see I use to say fuck school books ain't for me. Now I'm sipping yak with the convicts and thug killers make some choke and sell crack for the Neighborhood drug dealers. I'm a mess and my life is a whirl wind that's how it is when you'sa Dope boy girlfriend in and outy relationships with the same drama nigga keep going back fucking With his baby mama, lanlord stalking me, problems is calling me lord I know you busy but I need you To talk to me Yeahhhhhhh, if I was you I would say yeahhhhhh(speak lord, speak to me) Oh oh hoooo ho ho hooooo Uh uhuhuh speak lord, speak to me Don't nobody know what I've been through just to keep my bills paid All the shit I had to boost in and out of jail I shit I had to dojust to try and get ahead All the friends I had to loose everybody's cuttuing on me tryna get a piece Nobody's ever satified. everybody wanna fiest Who can you trust plottin'. you can't fuck no body up because everybody's watching Hoping that I fall I know haters doubt me neva did give fuck what A bitch said about me. I know they got they nuts crossed cause bad shit happens But I'm a strong bitch so I'm a keep rapping Let'em throw they haxes cause I'm a still stand no weapons shall prosper cause Bitch god gotta plan I ain't living right lord I need you to walk with me I know you probably busy but I need you to talk to me Tell me what I gotta do Tell me who I gotta get from round Tell me who cut throat, show who really down Help me understand men I want to be a sweet chick You bleesed me with a lot of things but show me how to keep shit Friends keep dying on me the world ain't safe Niggas ain't doin time cause them niggas turn to state Kids ain't kids little boys touting clips Little girls half naked they all wanna strip Talk to em [bridge: ending the song out]