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Something Tells Me (Jacki-O)

They say Jacki why you always laugghing on all your tracks Cause I'm happy bitch, see I let the lawyers handle all that paper work shit And it's a beautiful thing, it's a beautiful thing I'm stress free I'm finally out the projects living like a goddess every day it's pradas Sipping yellow waters you mieserable hoe and I ain't got no problems Look what him working that product and me rapping done brought us My name is Jacki-o or jalepeno brown I fuck street niggas they all nino brown The streets need me now these veteran bitches could see me then I know they can't see me now you should see me now in this see through blouse It's like ohh la la ohh wee meow see what they don't understand Is I been getting money when these hoes was just wanted for man It's not a stick shift but I just find my clutch I break the cript down and he buss the dutch They talk realk greesy on they CD's and shit Well I got the bootleg hoe and I frizzbied it Yeah ooooohhhhh something tells me That I am gonna light up the skies Yeah ooooohhhhh something tells me That I am gonna just be alright