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As It Was (So It Shall Be) (Don Francisco)

In beginning God created The heavens and the earth Tho' at first they lay in formlessness He knew their final worth Clothed in power and majesty In garments made of light As darkness fled before Him, He divided day from night He fastened earth's foundations, Laid its cornerstone He shut the sea behind its doors And made its bound'ries known He spoke of grass and herbs and trees And seeds that fall and fly And roots thrust deep into the earth And branches to the sky The chorus of the morning stars And the shouts of heaven's sons Resound throughout the skyfields While the work of God is done And as He sows His words like jewels In a rainbow falling down The garden is perfection And awaits creation's crown Then in glory unimaginable, The Lord Himself is here He kneels, and there beneath His hands, A man from dust appears He lifts him gently in His arms, And breaths into his soul And raises Him to stand upright, Complete and free and whole The man looks round in wonder At the world that's now his own And everything that's touched And seen is beauty yet unknown With a joy that has no bounds And knows no fear of end Every evening in its coolness He walks there with his Friend The pow'r that formed the universe Was but a token of His might It was love that gave us ears to hear And eyes to see the light It's love that gave us breath And it is love that gave us birth It's love that flung the stars And it is love that spins the earth And when at last this vastness Like a worn-out robe is rolled And the new creation's children Watch their heart's desires unfold Then love will reign forever Through our God and King and Friend And as it was in the beginning, It shall be without end And as it was in the beginning It shall be without end And as it was in the beginning It shall be without end