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Balaam (Don Francisco)

Balaam was a prophet about the time that Moses was Coming through And every now and again God'd speak to him and tell him What to say and do He had a reputation in all those parts for bein' on the Line of power And when Moab's king heard Moses was comin' he called Him in his neady hour He said, "Balaam come and curse these Israelites If you do I believe I could beat 'em in a fight!" But when Balaam asked the Lord, the Lord said, "Balaam Don't you go Israel is blessed by Me, don't you go mess up My show" But Balaam's head was turned by the money he could earn So he saddled up his donkey anyway Balaam and his servants hurried off for the King of Moab's castle But they hadn't gone very far down the road when the Whole trip became a hassle Because the donkey ran off across a field, then she Nearly broke Balaam's ankle But when she lay right down and wouldn't get up Balaam Got a little more than rankled For the third time Balaam beat her with his cane But that donkey just refused to move again It was the thing that happened next though, that made Balaam's knees get weak Well, that donkey still would not get up but she began To speak She said, "Balaam you're to blame, the way you beat me Is a shame 'Cause all I've done is tried to save your life!" Then the Angel of the Lord appeared with a flamin' Sword in his hand Balaam fell down on his face, a very frightened man The Angel said, "Balaam, you'd be dead if your donkey Hadn't detected That I was waitin' there to part your hair when you and My sword connected" Balaam then repented for his sin And he promised not to act like that again And I hope he learned his lesson about God's reward for Greed But you know it's that talkin' donkey that's really Strange indeed Now that donkey's just a donkey but she's still the Thing God used And that's the point I want you all to see The Lord's the one who makes the choice of the Instrument He's usin' We don't know the reasons and the plans behind His Choosin' So when the Lord starts usin' you don't you pay it any Mind He 'could have used the dog next door if He'd been so Inclined