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Willing To Heal (Don Francisco)

Turned from my family, turned from my home I lived like a beggar, I wandered and roamed My life was just hopeless, till I heard His name A prophet, they said, healed the sick and the lame Well to find Him was easy, I followed the crowd But I kept to the edges, crying out loud "Unclean, unclean, stay out of my path I'm an object of scorn, I'm a vessel of wrath" There on the hillside, He taught us that day I'd never heard anyone say what He'd say And then He was done and His sermon complete And, I ran and threw myself down at His feet I said "Lord if You're willing, I know that You can Make me as clean as a natural man I know You can do it, deep down in my soul Oh Lord, if You're willing, Lord, please make me whole" With a voice of compassion, He told me to stand "I'm willing," He said, and He reached out His hand "Be cleaned," were the words that He spoke with a smile And in an instant my skin was like that of a child Now as time passes by, there is much we forget But I'll always remember the day that I met Jesus the Lord and His first words to me "I'm willing," He said, and He healed even me I'm willing to help you, I'm willing to heal I've borne all your sufferings, I know how you feel Your pain can be ended, my power is real I'm willing to help you, I'm willing to heal I will not deny you, I'm willing to heal