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Don't Get Your Hopes Up (The Elected)

Don't Get Your Hopes Up Do you think you could? I wish you would. Take me with you. 'Cause I been good. I stayed well dressed and kept my big mouth shut. And all the nights we shared. They never went nowhere. But they must have meant something. Well, I had my share. But now you left with all the lunatics up there. And on the way you'll stop on by and say the words that make you cry like I could never mean a thing to you. And if it's true, then let me die. [whistle] 'Cause I'm right here, babe. I got a plan to put an end to all your fears. And on the way I'll stop on by and show you what I got in my heart, you know I never lost my nerve. And if you change your mind in time, I'll make it clear that I'm still here. It seems as though I'm never gonna learn. I'll just keep hoping that it's my turn.