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It Was Love (The Elected)

You found a way to break away From the one you say that you love Now you cry out your eyes day and night You set free the one that you love And it's true, I don't remember you But I believe you if you say that we met I get confused Nights, i've been wondering I thought I was already dead But man, I loved Yeah, I loved When I loved It was love It was love Or at least, the closest I got And the coffee, the cream The blood in my dreams Are the ones you used to know And the gas, the plane, the interstate Live the ones you don't have to know And I regret this sad and awful truth But my mouth, it'll get away from me You, I just put up with you, kid I stayed cause you wouldn't leave Remember love Oh, love When we loved It was love It was love Or at least, as close as I've come And maybe Joan was running all alone And there is a shortcut By putting a gun to your brain Man, to take all that you got And the truth was I was just scared for you But for me, that's the way that it comes You'd gotten used to me and my awful tongue But god, didn't we have some fun? When we made love in the van And I drove with your hand on my lap And when San Diego got too unkind We just picked up and left it behind And we had some love and some hope A full tank of gas and a wide open road It was love To us, it was all that we had And there's just a day when you just break The best thing you had And I still call it love For now, it's the closest I've come