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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Sun Sun Sun (The Elected)

Sun, sun, sun, stay with me Don't go behind the clouds I know that you'll go down But while it's day, let your light hit me Cause if I lose you now I fear I could bow out And I don't know where I'm going to When I get there, I'll send for you And I'll know when I see it, but Be patient, I swear I'll come through So ride, ride, ride, ride your pony But please don't ride him far No, stay within the yard It played out just like you told me I'd scratch your pretty eyes I'll put out those little lights But your heart, I didn't break it, no It was taken from you years ago And the hole those older men pulled it through It's still aching Let's be patient, you'll pull through Pull through Pull through Pull through Won't you ? And I've made I've made up for my mistakes Cause of the pain of what I'd caused Won't be shit next to what I've lost And I hated being fucking patient So you waited You waited You waited But I never ever came to So sun, sun, sun What are you doing ? You went behind the clouds But all the rain came down My old house is in ruins If you would come out again And dry up all the rain Then I'd climb right up again Like that spider in that nursery rhyme And these tales, well they're not meant to But it's time that we make them Come true Come true Come true For me and you