Cocaine Skin (Drew Kevin)

I'm collecting your letters and putting them in a place that you dont know and these winter words are the next big things we'll put on a show so if you leave you cannot go it's your key i guess i'm not some woman's face down with a mexican on the side of the road and she said "its time for the strongest groups of coolness to let go" so if i leave will you come? so i dream if they really want it's a firing squad it's a firing squad before i slept on my mattress last night i smelled your clothes there were flakes of skin beside your hoodie i put them up my nose and i know these facts are just replacement as to not to love and the blue eye'd clubs still have some memberships but we'll say no so lets leave then let's just go it's a dream a dream we'll know they're a firing squad they're a firing squad they're a firing squad