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Daddy (Mia X)

This song is dedicated to all the responsible brothers other there Whos how love and support to their children I'd like to say thank you Cuz I have a very important man in my life He means the world to me He helped make into the strong woman I am today I'm talkin about my Daddy Verse One: I think back to the first time I messed up You knew that I need to be But you couldn't chastise me Daddy's little girl Most precious of all You loved me more than anything Your real life babydoll Bounced me on your knee Taught me how to throw my set up Said you ain't got no brothers Fight dirty Don't take nothin Saw you bustin your butt to keep the bills paid Saw you hustlin for extras For more pay you made a way And tried to keep us happy up in the house Cuz you wasn't tryin to see Your queen or your princess pout Doubtin out sometimes But you tried to hide your pain And be a tru playa in this white man's game Never called my mama out of her name Showed respect Never put your hands on her Even when she backed you in a corner So Iwant to say you are appreciated And this love song is dedicated to my daddy Chorus: repeat 2X Thank you Daddy I know that I'm blessed To have a father like you Cuz you've done your best Under so much stress in the crazy world God knows you tried Even when they got your hands tied Verse Two: Remember when I came home seventeen and pregnant And unexpectedly But your disappointment never did show You looked me in my teary eyes Then you smiled Put yoru arms around me Said my baby's giving me a grandchild Showed my boyfriend love too Didn't come preachin or beefin Just said you know what you gotta do And when he didn't You didn't rub it in You just did his part And tried to heal my young broken heart I thought the things you said way back for certain was jus to try and keep me a virgin But with all the hurtin and the drama I been through I wish I would have listened to you Cuz it was all true Daddy the man who loves me unconditionally Thru thick and thin You'll always stand by me (fo sho) Daddy I love you with all my heart You're my souljah My hero My shining star Thank you Chorus: repeat 2X Verse Three: I gotta give love to all the real strong brothers Responsible daddies Even if you're not with your baby's mothers Your support Your love and your time Helps keep your children in the right frame of mind And to the single fathers out there Much respect I'm a single parent too So I know where you're at And where you're coming from baby But it's gonna get better Hold your head through the stormy weather And stand your ground firm And all my sisters with good men at your side It sure feels good to see the ??? family rise I've cried joyful tears Happy as can be To see man woman and child As one family See the cards are stacked up against us y'all So we gotta work it out Can't let em see us fall But most of all Thank you God Cuz for years I had an example of what a real man is My daddy Chorus: repeat 2X Oh I wanna thank you for all you've done for me I wanna thank you