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Flip 2 Rip (Mia X)

Artist: Mia X Album: Mama Drama Title: Flip 2 Rip featuring Mac [DJ KLC] Yo Mia. I got the firest beat and I want you and Mac to bust off it. So who goin first? [Mia X] It don't matter to me, Boo. [DJ KLC] Well, we gone flip for it. Call it in the air. [Mia X] Heads. [Mac] Tails [Mia X] Mac, you up first. [Mac] Say, KL. Since I gotta go first and shit I'ma kick this shit one more time for the old fake ass niggas who thought I lost it. Ya heard me? Check it Verse One: Mac Street camo Cover my flesh I'm one of the best in the contests They steppin to Mac without a vest on they chest If all you wanted was rest Then I'm your Nyquil guy Your night time sniffin and stuffiness I kill with one shot The murder murder verses Quench lunatic's thirsts I get pussy from nurses Comin from churches The camouflage A-S-S A-S-S I-N I'm deadlier with my pen Then niggas with the mac 10 But that was back then In 98 I'm strapped Cuz I'm on the map Ain't afraid to bust a cap And I get paid for bustin raps I like them ghetto girls Y'all can have them super models Cuz gangsta bitches got bodies like Coke bottles I get the game from my nigga V9 I get the beats off the 3-9 Them niggas can't see mine I'm lyrically a therapist A fuckin terrorist Boom Boom! I never miss I'm on the next level Chorus: repeat 2X [Mia X and Mac] Well I'ma flip it like this And I'ma rip it like that And I'ma rip it like that And I'ma flip it like this Verse Two: Mia X When the smoke clears I'ma still be here nigga Mic in my hand Rowdy doin the rip the rapper dance I set the lines behind the fallen emcees that challenge me You cross my path You gets flipped in my wrath The aftermath left bitches quiet as fuck Like when the neighbors saw the crim and the cops came up I rips it up from the gut Like Jack the Shanka Man Chasin hoes down with the knife in his hand The better man's gone be Mama And you know this nigga On the top or the bottom I'ma show this nigga He's goin to sleep I'm too deep The lady alligator Stick your seven inches in the swamp And I'ma fade ya I made you motherfuckers recognize the south For the gumbo flava comin out my mouth About drama Bout paper Bout settin it off Fuck the verbal fantasies My shit is real y'all. Chorus: X4 Verse Three: Mac and Mia X [Mac] Pass me the mic And let me dig into they chests Like AK bullets through they proof vests In a shootin fest I murder emcees like media Mac the street encyclopedia Who wanna test me? Bless me with somethin knottin Bitches who start pussy poppin Rhyme I quote em Nines I told em Like wallets I'm rock solid And I like it when they suck and swallow it I'm hardcore Fuck that slangin and shit Cuz when I'm on the mic Niggas be bangin and shit [Mia] I love them buck wild crowds Mama be center stage Throwin lyrics at them niggas Like hand grenades You can' take the projects out of a bitch like me Six figures make me throw bigger block parties Still warm my bed with a thug nigga of course (fo sho) Still in the mix with all them messy ass hoes Still bust a freestyle with my camouflage son Off top, then leave the studio with my gun cocked What?!