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Hoodlum Poetry (Mia X)

(Heavy Breathing) [Mia X] I came to this country with my mama Everybody called her the white girl But you all knew I had a lil' somethin' somethin' on me Cause my outer was slightly tanned Southern folk called me a yellow gal I've been out here in this world for a while now Bringing madness and mayhem to man, woman, and child You see my mother, the white girl had several lovers So my father's true identity has yet to be discovered Some call it A-1 soda others V-12 Doctor Tishner has been implicated But all of their seeds are incriminating evidence As far as my perception goes My mother, she was indeed good, but I was most powerful Just ask anybody in your hood You can even ask those in corporate America about this mobstress Most times, I as little as a pea, though my weight fluctuates Size ain't shit, cause I have enough game to make you steal from ya mama And call her out by her name I can make her neglect her children, sale her body, perform dirty tricks On her knees and be called the neighborhood hottie Everybody's a thief and a liar once they make my acquaintance They be anxious to buy my love, they lust for me Want to hold me and test my purity, but it's only for a moment You see the ecstasy that I give to you It's only temporary but quite costly I'm bossy from your very first encounter with me I tell you, you need me, gots to have me, can't live without me The pea, my game extends, it gets deeper You see my skills don't pimp just the weak minded The so-called big ballin' brothers are obsessed with me They kill, rob, and plot on one another to possess me They see me as a goddess The financial path that will lead them out the ghetto But don't they know, have a clue That I and my mother were sent here to destroy them To entice, baffle, and trap them Conscious people call the conspiracy genocide Well, what do you think I mean you make money off me, while they pile up evidence on you Then get you to spend all the money you're stackin' On lawyers and bail bondsmen They seize your property and worldly items That have you caught up in this lifestyle Material things that turn friends to foes Woman to hoe, man to monster Yeah nigga you've changed but so what Cause I give you what you need I give you power Make you feel invincible right by me I make you feel like a big man, timer No matter how fat, ugly, illiterate you are I make the prettiest women love you Fight over you and compete with others trying to give you babies I make your relative, want to kiss your ass Treat you like a king and roll out the red carpet They've got one hand out for money And the other hand has a pen in it so you can sign your life policy My assistance makes you have that edge over the next man Cause it's all about me and money, the root of all evil The necessities of function in this society I make all your gangsta dumbass stories interesting Cause you are the man I mean we listen in awe as you speak of your murder tales Ménage a trios, homosexual advances, and secret romances I'm bout it and I make you feel bout it bout it I split family, split friends, split lovers and even business partners So niggas nickname me crack, ain't that something I'm the reason why a lot of people are homeless, crazy, crippled Why they're HIV positive and dead But you still want me, feel the need for me to be in your possession Fear to get high off my intoxicating little pieces Or to spread my love to profit You're even willing to kill and die for me And even though my mother, the white girl Engaged in several orgies for my creation I still know my father, you know him too You follow his lead, and work with him Claim you hate him but your actions are different from your tongue Let's face it, you serve him faster than you do your God We own you nigga And as far as the ones that send I and my mother here to destroy you We own them too So after all my destruction, I must pat myself on the back, uh uh I am crack, the devil's daughter Human life, minds destroy ya You need me, yeah ya do, for sho' ya do, you really do So go head on nigga, take a hit I'ma keep putting you out on the streets Freeze you now, help me to kill you Hoodlum poetry, food for ya mind Wake up deaf, dumb and blind, it's time I'm the masteress, I'm the mobstress I'm the pimpstress, and I own you I'm the masteress, I'm the mobstress And I own you, I'm trying to kill you And I'm succeeding, yes I'm succeeding I'm trying to kill you and I'm gon' do it I'm gon' kill you, I'm gon' kill you I'm gon' kill you, and it's bloody