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Imma Shine (Mia X)

Verse One: Playaz meet me at the club cuz it's goin down Master P got a party and you know we gone clown It started at 10 ends when you leave So I guess that's tomorrow if you party like me I can't see the dancefloor cuz so many feet But dead smack in the middle's where I'm trying to be Valet got my Benz parked in VIP No doubt that's the section for the cars all paid out We in the house niggaz screaming T-R-U More ice on our bodies than an igloo Can we get you anything to make you feel at home All expenses on us Get your eat and drink on Money really ain't a thing That's why the name's No Limit Known for goin all out to have you all up in it So let's get it started And the real tru playaz gone shine at the party Chorus: repeat 2X Imma shine at the party Sportin like 10 karats Flex like seven figures CLICK ABOVE TO VISIT OUR SPONSORS Me and all my niggaz Gettin jiggy in the club All eyes on us And as far as money goes Yall know what's up Verse Two: My girls mix hennessy with alize We in full effect Now we got that rowdy crowd But all playaz ain't nobody tryin to get knocked out The guys got the poker game goin on in the back The ballaz baby the niggaz with the briefcase kinda cake High stakes fo sho head bustaz at the door You can't look in without four figures or more The place is like a fashion show Everybody's feeling right Big face Frank-i-lins falling from the sky It is our mama first lady of the tank Major crazy bank straight flossin think I ain't? Can't do how we do cuz we all tru Imitaters try to but that's on you Boo a party ain't a party unless we give it Cuz the party don't stop Chorus: repeat 4X