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Like Dat (Mia X)

Somebody better tell these dumb hoes somethin Cuz when I roll thorugh I ain't gone say nothin Ain't shit to talk about Cuz I can do without the souljah hatin Them hoes is jealous of my fame and the money that I'm making Got they heads aching So they acting like they got beef Knowin damn well if htey see me they gone speak I'm Mama I'm respected y'all know this But shits gone really get hectic If y'all don't stop slow this ??? down now The issue ain't who I'm loving or fucking The big issue's billboard cuz I'm on top of it The issue is I got my kids up out the projects And bought my moms a new house Before my second album came out Respect my mind I took my grandparents out the hood I'm seein to it that their golden years be all good So bestill the fact that I ain't selfish or greedy Ask my people am I there when they need me Like dat Chorus: I'ma leave you hoes in the same place No progess Talkin bullshit while I elevate And I'ma keep looking out for the real But I don't give a FUCK how the rest of y'all feel And I'ma keep on learning the game And I encourage all the my souljahz to do the same I come in peace and I try to pack fair But if you want to I will take you there Like dat Now I don't owe a motherfucker a god damn thing And I earned the right to be the biggest mama on the tank I sacrified beaucoup Put in so much work Kept it TRU cuz I'm TRU And represented my turf Downtown seven ward hard head Ya heard Around a gang of uptown niggaz Straight screamin the third Been bout it Been rowdy Been throwin for mines It was just me and Jill on the scandalous rides No hip hop lines to make me sound hard It ain't no act It's a fact When it's on I go off But as God as my witness I love being nice Until this playa setting in my household was right I like to just be me While you be with your knot I'm trying to stay on top with TRU niggaz fo sho And we extend our hands to pull up more Like dat Chorus: repeat 2X