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Descending (Scars of Life)

I’m descending, into you Feels like, dry hands, tearing me inside out It all is burning I cant, breathe anymore, too much to push away I tell you how you make me feel and you just look away And I don’t know how much more of you that I can take As it hits me Wake me before its over I feel gone There’s nothing I can do Then you tell me Its over and walk off On your own I’m descending into you All I hear is, screaming, inside and out My head, just can’t take this It feels like I dont exsist in this world you've made The look of disgust on your face whenever I’m near you Scratch the surface of me is all you'll ever do Your all I've ever known To hard to just look away Put out all I have shown As I watch you throw it away I’m descending, into you