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No More To Leave You Behind (The Infamous Stringdusters)

Riding at night through the wind and rain. Trying to find my way home. This weary traveller's been gone to long. I return, never more to roam. I've seen big city lights and miles of highway. White lines they never seem to end. But they light the way to a beautiful place Back to see my best friend And this road is lonesome and I'm feeling blue, And I can't get you off of my mind. When I get back, babe, I'm gonna stay, No more to leave you behind. The silhouette of tree tops they flash by the window. Been down this road a hundred times before. I can drive it in my sleep from here to our cabin. The sign says just twenty miles more. The road I travel, it leads to your door. You know that's where I wanna be. Now I can see a light in the window of a cabin. And a little girl that's waitin' there for me.