Won't Be Coming Back (The Infamous Stringdusters)

I left my home and family To seek my fortune fair I went north into the city But I didn't find it there Met a million women No two were the same If I had only met the one That I'd let have my name All alone on a lonesome, desert highway My best laid plans had failed I put my face in a woman And I wound up in jail Love, she was a-holding And I chose to take the blame I was in and she was gone But loved her just the same I've seen a lot of country And I moved from place to place I don't remember names But I can't forget her face It's not a place that I been to That I could call my home An' I can't hope to settle down, Down seems I'm meant to roam All those years spent searching for something Goin' around the bend All I ever wanted Was to see her again, yeah On a go for California I slept out on the sand I drove the coastal highways I drive them all again An' if you aim to find me I'll be out on the track This maybe the last to seeing me No, we won't be coming back No, she won't be coming back