Controlled Bleeding (Seance)

summon your darkness, evil alone with hate avoiding the light abandon all the doctrines of christ bloodshed on the altarstone make my way thru masses of death fear not, I welcome his lies embrace him with a brotherly kiss then send him on a journey thru time sire - so old this lie - my holy life - I now despise heaven burns - of hate and pain - obey in sane - controlled bleeding gather around the young ones now and lead them to insanity caress their minds with the evil eye and mark them for infinity I believe in my bleeding-flow set aside life's real meaning-bow I close my eyes - blind unseen, undisguised dead dreams fly - thru out my mind on wings - made out of pain and fear enter my soul - oh Lord of flees at last, I stand with blood on my hands burning steaming hot my laughter shatters the serentic air as I follow him to meet my God