Fornever Laid To Rest (Seance)

High noon and I'd sell my soul for water Three days lost in this burning hell I beg you, master, baa, help me I went to find the gate of shammash Eager to seek out the forbidden laws We all have them deep deep, inside I know you've felt them, no need to lie Summon them and look into my eyes I seek the gift of all gifts Fornever laid to rest, to explore what's behind Banished from this earth Fornever laid to rest, invoking the sign Entering the lost temple in the sand Voices call my name and guide my hand Ghosts, ghouls and demons Quietly watch nearby Silence, hold your tongue The ritual has begun Light the candles, cleanse your mind Feel the presence, the all seeing eye Float from the ground This unholy mound Levitize slowly, above the circle round Repeat the words, no more denial I'm selling my soul to the consuming flames My tattooed face reveals my fate The blasphemous selling of souls I now wear the burning signs