Choose Your Eternity (Seance)

I'll send your soul to the other side Your life will end today Hell hounds are with me, and on the hunt You will never catch your breath Cold strikes when I begin to stroke your hair You start to lose your mind Changing shadows reaching out to tear There's no help in prayers Choose Your eternity Your flesh dies now And you will be dead forever Will be dead forever Dead forever Those who had received the mark of the beast Or worshipped my image Will be generals of gnawing the Skulls of suffering sinners Torment in fire Everlasting punishment Agony forever Shame and everlasting contempt Writhe in flames Weeping and gnashing of teeth Now it's the time Raise your hand and join the beast Hordes of demons Souls from the beginning of time In legions they gathered Sound the horn of genocide And now it starts ferocious and grim Horizons in blood terror the bring Choose choose choose The war goes on from this day to the end Fallen mortals you torments Hell hounds are with you and on the hunt They'll never catch their breath