Necronomicon (Seance)

The moon it burns - deeply in my eyes As I peacefully lay - anxious to die With every breath - I feel myself grow weak The words escape me - when I try to speak Unseen eyes watch me - the silence is alive Unquestioned faith - I near the end Old forbidden sights - the spirits descend Wait, don't look around - not into this room You know too well - you're not welcome in this tomb Starless nights and burning signs Leads me by the hand Oh - dormant usurper Grant me thy flaming land I close my eyes - in the tower of baal Knowing that I soon - shall leave you all To rise again - as the long lost son Soon all will be new - under the sun Bound for death I sail the sea of pain The walls they bleed and the shadows change As one thousand needles pierce my soul I lose touch with this world And start to float I'm leaving, I'm falling - I see you oh great master Lord, catch my fall - and let me be yours for ever after