Reincarnage (Seance)

Burn, fire, burn - cleanse this place with flames I despise thy faithful lie - alone you will live in shame Tears fill my dying eyes - for innocence is what I seek And I hear your soul sing - as you betray the meek Weakness for flesh you claim another gain Reincarnage You follow the filthy path - blinded by thy lust In state of fatal lunacy - you rape my sacred trust Your hearts stained by evil - a spiral of lies And you cry out to me - "Sigh, oh lord, sigh" "The anger and the pain yet I sin again" Dying with open eyes Meeting death he realize Chanting demons watch his bed With tearfilled eyes he rest his head Faithful - deceiver - burning - believer of all Dangerous temptations - thrilling explorations Lustres of the flesh - makes me wish for death The angel of creation - falling black and stained Screaming out for mercy - a fate you won't retain Crushed you have the palace - the temple of my prayers You have walked the ground - of where man shouldn't dare Tearing my soul apart - you die in my blackened heart