They (Seance)

They passing through your mortal flesh In hate and anger They take your soul from you Conquering your mind with pain Wide open wounds you bleed Violence is unleashed Prepare to save your self beware They pull you under the bed Longing for the eternal death There you can rest in peace They hang you from a rotten tree You wish you were buried in the blackest soil Deep down below your fear Pay the price that is on your soul They hunt you down that is their goal And as you turn to stone Your flesh is ripped to the bone Walls are stained with blood from you Pandemonium ancient rites Soul once again comes alive Fallen angel ah I took you hand Ripped through the flesh invoken the dark My soul will burn again Kill in the name of hate and fear Reborn awake My descending spirit will revenge Mortal flee killing spree Plagues of hell demons dwell You never escape you die Captured in my trauma Crosses turn again to south No more sleep to humankind Feeling no more pain Skinpeeled and gasping for breath They hang you upside down Blood splashing down the floor They pull your fingers out Opens up your chest Mangled face death comes reborn