Who Will Not Be Dead (Seance)

Alone - I have been left Contamination Fear - of what's to wait Global hesitation My time is over - I'll breathe my final breath Lying skinnaken - in the shadow of death Who among us - believe in gods creation So why do I cry - there is no salvation Blind - you must be blind Denying facts of fear Time - you've seen the signs Massdeath within years Tied to lifesupport - the cables unwind I'm living on time - that was never mine Hard to think - thoughts they drown Panic screams in my head - as drugs pull me down I meet my doom - soon will I lay In my tomb - oh join me pray Lord in the sky - can't hear my cry There's no god - alone I die Dead - I will be dead Tears roll down my face Saved - who will be saved Erased without a trace My skin starts to peel - face to deform Lungs ripped by cough - calm before this storm Sadly you don't care - for me in this bed But my name is yours - for who will not be dead