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Absence Spells Beyond (Asgaroth)

Eager to break through the next generations, we shall not bitterly fall. Requesting through vaults of heretic ignition, we shall forever be left. Soulside replenish, my foremost inherit, we shall not bitterly fall, Reading the backlines by upmost literates, we shall forever be left. Behind our eyes we seek that grace divine... Behind our eyes we seek that grace divine... Wherein the seeds of void prevail. ABSENTIA these sintful chants of dawn now rise: (as) the forging of alliegances in towers now age. Thou victimized my soul astray... Since the spell was cast by her chaotic breath. ABSENTIA the ghosts of dawn retained this key As newborn illusions now age and die, rise and fall... I shall, redeem your life with the mighty seize, with my outstretched hand. With my time in a palm, Yearns in the brightening light: come with me and feel this breath... Come with me and feel my dried out spirit... Spiritus in oblivio Spiritus in absentia